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Us and our Apple Macs

Here’s me with my 2 boys – all of us with 17-inch MacBook Pros.

We only had 3 MacBook Pros for a while as I had just bought a brand new MacBook Pro with 500-gig SSD hard drive, 8gb of RAM, and a top configuration processor. A few days after I had this photo taken by my brother-in-law, Ian, I sold the oldest MacBook Pro on eBay.

Left to right is my 12-year-old son Toby, me, and 8-year-old Felix…




Us-and-our-MacBook-Pros 2

Which reminds me of a photo of my eldest son, Toby, playing on my Titanium PowerBook in 2003 when he was only 3 and a half…


Here’s a photo my son Toby took of me while he was at the top of a stepladder!…


And here’s one of me when I did a presentation over Skype to an audience of a few hundred people in Melbourne, Australia, organised by Alan Hewitt of Earthstar. The highest MacBook Pro ran the PowerPoint presentation onto the external screen which I presented to the lower MacBook Pro which had Skype working on it. Nowadays this kind of thing can be done on a webinar, but this shot was taken 4 years ago in 2007, long before the days of webinars…


I wish I had photos of me with an Apple Lisa with enormous plug-in 20-meg hard drive which I had in my home years ago when I was Reviews Editor for Apple User magazine. Or the Macintosh SE which I bought as soon as it came out!

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