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Felix leaves for his Ecoventure trip

Here’s Felix leaving for his Ecoventure trip in November 2012. Cieran is on the left of the photo, and John is on the right…

Photo 0054

There’s a second photo after the ‘break’…

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Toby’s Eco Ventures trip

In October 2011, Toby and nearly 50 others from his school went on a 3-day Eco Ventures trip: white water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, archery – while sleeping in tents.

One of Toby’s teachers passed me some photos, and Reyno, a South African boy in Toby’s year who lives next door to us, passed us a few more he’d taken with a disposable camera.

Here’s a shot from Wadi Adventures, a new white water rafting venue, which has just opened about 15 minutes from where we live…



Toby’s third from the left…

IMG 1853

IMG 1854

IMG 1855

Mates together: From left to right: Reyno, err, Lee, a girl called ___, and Toby, very sweaty…



Here’s the photo blown up so you can see which is Toby: the boy in blue…

DSC05451  Version 2