Toby runs up Jebel Hafeet

At the beginning of February 2013, Toby ran up Jebel Hafeet, the mountain which is 20 minutes south of his home.

It’s 1,249 metres high, and the very steep road twists and turns for 11.7km all the way to the top. It’s hard going up it in a 4×4 car, with its 21 tight bends – but Toby ran up it with a lovely guy called Dan who is the PE teacher at the school he used to go to: Choueifat.

Dan and his wife often attend the swimming tournaments in Dubai which Toby competes at with his friends Connnor, Bryce and Ben. 

Dan is very encouraging of Toby and thinks he’d make a brilliant triathlete.

So Toby and Dan ran together for 10km up the mountain until Toby couldn’t manage any more and slowed to a walk. Dan ran on to the top and then came back in a car and the car drove alongside Toby as me walked along, then speeded up to get him to run the final stretch.

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