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Toby and I see Coldplay in concert

Toby and I went to see Coldplay in concert in Abu Dhabi on New Year’s Eve, 2011 with Mark Morris and his son Connor from the States…

IMG 4224

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Felix creates music with the Sound Field app for the iPhone and iPad

This is Felix, engrossed in making music, on Thursday, December 16, 2010 with my Apple iPad while Toby looks on. He seems to have a good sense of rhythm, and what ‘works’ in music.

The boys had finished school for Christmas at noon, and we’d just got home. Toby paid 5 dirhams (just under a pound) so he could go to school in his own clothes with mousse in his hair to give him a mohican look, as you’ll see a bit in the film.

Later I took Toby to the biggest shopping mall in town: 400 stores, where he was hanging about with his mates from school, and planning to have dinner then watch a film at the multi-screen cinema there.

Anyway here’s Felix…

(The iPhone/iPad app is called Sound Fields, created by a guy called¬†Alex Zolotov, who I’m very grateful to as we are having so much fun making music with it. A bargain at ¬£1.19!)