Toby’s trip to Istanbul, May 2014

I’ve just had the loveliest 47 minutes on a Skype call with Toby. I hope I got the following details right!…

Toby got up on the podium in front of around 500 people 6-7 times, and reckons he spoke out on various issues about 50 times over the 3 days.

On the Friday he got caught in the rain and then went indoors where there was airconditioning. He started to feel feverish on the Saturday, and on Sunday morning he coughed up blood.

On the flight back to Abu Dhabi on Sunday he started convulsing on the plane.

As he got up and walked down the aisle he collapsed onto the floor and had 4 air stewardesses round him for the next hour or 2. They got some people to move as the flight wasn’t full so he could lie along a row of seats.

He was given oxygen. His temperature was 37.9 degrees. He was covered in cold

Back at home he was too sick to go to school so he took Monday and Tuesday off
and went back to school today, Wednesday, but is still very tired.

He has written up a 750-word article on his trip which he adored, and one of his
teachers has sent it to main free magazine in Al Ain called Oasis Living.

Here is a series of photos that have been posted on Facebook. A couple don’t
feature Toby but give you an idea what the Model UN was like.

And there are also a couple of new photos that I didn’t send in an email to some family members…

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