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Great family photo

Lovely photo…

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Toby’s family tree

Toby created this family tree for a class project, which was put on a display board in the science room…

IMG 5093


Scotland, summer 2012

Toby writes…

In the summer of 2012, Me, Mum and Felix visited our Grandparents in South-West Scotland.

We had an absolute blast!

Here are some of the highlights of the trip…

IMG 1190

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Toby aged 5 (videos)

Toby and Felix come to sit on Catherine’s knee while out on the lawn in Brewster, New York, at her brother Ian’s home there on August 7, 2004. Toby was almost 5 and Felix is nearly 2…

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Catherine’s brother Ian comes to stay

Catherine’s brother Ian stayed for 2 nights on his way back to Nepal, where he works, having attended a conference in Jordan. Here are a few photos I took…

IMG 2758

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