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Toby in hospital when he cut his toe

In October 2012 Toby was practising in the pool during his daily swimming training. One of the underwater light covers was cracked and had been reported a day or 2 earlier, but it hadn’t been fixed. 

Toby executed a somersault turn in the pool, pushing against the cover, it gave, and he cut his big toe badly.

Here’s a photo of him in hospital with his friends Conor and Bryce…



Felix’s knee injury, April 2012

Felix fell off a climbing frame at school and his knee really swelled up. I was just arriving at the hypermarket on the other side of town when I got the call from the school nurse asking me to take him to the hospital for an X-ray. 

He was well taken care of at Oasis Hospital when I got him there…

IMG 3619

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