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Felix poses with Joe Hart from Manchester City FC

On a Skype call on May 16, 2104, Felix told me that, while he was at school yesterday, Miss Donovan, a PE teacher, came into his class and told him he was in big trouble, and had to go to the Rotana Hotel in Al Ain! 🙂 A photographer had rung up Felix’s school and asked for a white boy aged 10-11.

At the hotel Felix posed for photographs with Manchester City and England goalkeeper Joe Hart who is 27, and 6 foot 5 inches tall!

Felix was given a football and got it signed by Joe and captain Vincent Kompany.

The photos will appear in an ad campaign in July. Catherine will get copies of the photos at that time.

Here’s the video where Felix tells his story. (This video is unlisted on YouTube, so no-one else will find this video: it’s only for family viewing.)

Here’s a photo of Joe Hart…

Joe Hart 006

…a photo of Man City captain Vincent Kompany who also signed Felix’s ball…

Vincent kompany 2293379b

…and a night shot of the Rotana Hotel…

Al ain rotana al ain 011120101149207595

The photos will appear in an ad campaign in July. Catherine will get copies of the photos at that time.


Football tournament, November 2013

Toby scored lots of goals at an indoor football tournament in Al Ain. He hasn’t lost his touch considering he has put most of his time and energy into swimming over the last few years…

1399482 749823788367906 309474473 o

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Felix: man of the match

Felix scored 2 goals at a football tournament at the beginning of February 2013, and was ‘man of the match’!

Toby took this photo with his snazzy new SLR. He has a 50mm lens so he can take shots with a blurred background…



Felix scores a hat trick!

Catherine took this great photo of Felix’s team after they won 7-2 against Al Ain International School on January 15, 2013! Felix scored a hat trick!

Photo copy

Click to see a photo of Felix playing…

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Watching the European Cup

The boys watched football on Toby’s MacBook Pro…

IMG 7260

…and do you see the size of his left hand on Felix’s arm! 

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Football tournament, April 2012

The boys took part in a football tournament at the local rugby club one Saturday afternoon from 3pm to 9.30pm!

Felix scored 4 goals, and got a gold medal…

IMG 3728


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Felix and team play Al Ain Club (video)

Here the team which Felix plays in play a match with Al Ain Club who practice 5 days a week. In the video you’ll see Felix score a goal 50 seconds in. At the 2 minute mark (just before the end), Felix shoots for the goal, the keeper deflects the ball, and Felix’s friend Hussain scores and gives Felix a big hug!…


Video of Toby’s team playing Al Ain FC

This game took place on a Thursday afternoon in November 2011. You’ll see Toby score the second of 2 goals at the end of the video!…


Toby plays at Al Ain Club’s Soccer School

In November 2011, Toby and his team played a team at the Al Ain Club’s Soccer School. These guys train 8 times a week, whereas Toby’s team plays twice a week at the most. (Toby plays with them once a week.) Despite this, Toby’s team only lost 3-2. The match started at 5pm and went on for more than an hour. At half time Toby was sweating buckets!…

IMG 1966



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Toby’s football trophy

Toby got this terrific trophy for Most Valuable Player from Al Ain Soccer Club in July 2011…