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Felix’s ‘Good luck in your exams’ card for Toby

Felix made this card for Toby as his exams start tomorrow morning. “100HPs” top right means “100 House Points”…

IMG 7243

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Felix and his airplanes

Felix made these airplanes and loves playing with them. From the left: Bumble Bee, Rainbow, Boomer Ang, Silent Glider and Tidal Wave. Very inventive of him!…

IMG 2495

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Felix’s birthday party invitation

For Felix’s 9th birthday party at the end of October 2011, he designed this invitation (later we added the text details)…

Screen Shot 2011 10 24 at 08 21 01

Here’s the printed result…

IMG 1836

Then he wrote the names of his friends on a pile of envelopes…

IMG 1835

He is so looking forward to his party!


Felix designs a suggestion box

Felix designed this suggestion box so his classmates can put in their ideas which Felix, as class representative, would then take to the School Parliament meetings…

IMG 1838

IMG 1839

IMG 1840


Felix’s phoenix drawing is a winner!

Felix won a competition at school to design a logo for Phoenix, the ‘house’ he is in. There are 4 houses in the entire school, so he did very well to be selected!

What a beautifully-drawn bird…

IMG 1826


Felix’s still life

I love this piece of artwork which Felix did in class in March 2011 when he was 8 and a half. All the class looked at real plants and were asked by Miss Ruth, their teacher, to draw them…

IMG 1563

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Felix’s poster for class MP

In October 2011 Felix was asked if he’d like to be the class MP to represent his class in school meetings, and be the person the other children got to if they have problems, such as with bullying.

He created this very big poster to go up on the wall in his class…


IMG 1550

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