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Jake and Suzanne’s open day at their art studio

Our friends Jake and Suzanne had an open day at their art studio in April 2012. Suzanne’s teenage son, Jacob, is a good friend of Toby and Felix.

Here are some of Suzanne’s pieces: they are all around a metre or more high…

IMG 7070

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IMG 7073

IMG 7062

IMG 7063

IMG 7065

IMG 7066

IMG 7067

IMG 7068

The art above is her first portrait work in 20 years, she says! Wow!

Normally she does sculptures. Here is one…

IMG 7069

Here is Jake with some of his pieces…

IMG 7085

IMG 7089

IMG 7080

IMG 7081

IMG 7082

IMG 7083

Catherine, Felix and I had a lovely time seeing all this work in their large, bright studio at the University here in Al Ain.