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Holiday in Nepal: daily life

Here are some photos to show what life can be like in Kathmandu.

Rubbish on the streets…

IMG 5764

We travelled in these small Suzuki taxis that are everywhere…

IMG 5765

IMG 5848

A young monk chooses a DVD…

IMG 5849

IMG 5855

IMG 5866

IMG 5867

Strawberry seller stuffing fruit into paper cones…

IMG 5873

An old female beggar…

IMG 5891

IMG 5915

IMG 6039

IMG 6167

Chickens for sale…

IMG 6993

Locals travel cheaply around the city on Tuk Tuks which look very old and battered…

IMG 6998

IMG 7003

Catherine and I were delighted that our boys got to see a different way of life. A country where many of its population live on about $1 a day; where government corruption is rife; and where there is little new building work, or new roads.

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Holiday in Nepal: daily life

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