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Felix sells books at school table top sale

In May 2012, while Catherine drove Toby to a swimming tournament in Dubai for the day, I took Felix to school for a table top sale at his school.

IMG 7197

We got there at 9am, and officially it was to start at 10am, but people started arriving from 9.30am. Felix loved selling the stock which mostly consisted of his own books, plus some of mine, Catherine’s and Toby’s.

Here’s Felix with Lilly who is in his class. Her mum, Asa, who organised the table top sale, had the next table to us. (You can see me in the reflection top left!)…

IMG 7199

IMG 7201

Here’s what the hall looked like, full of people…

IMG 7206

We took 103 dirhams in sales. We left the hall just before the 1pm closing time.

We took most of the remaining unsold books to the library to add to their stock.

Here’s Felix pulling a bag containing some unsold books and board games – and a few things we bought from other stands!…

IMG 7216

I drove Felix to Bawadi Mall for a celebratory lunch.