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Felix leaves for his Ecoventure trip

Here’s Felix leaving for his Ecoventure trip in November 2012. Cieran is on the left of the photo, and John is on the right…

Photo 0054

There’s a second photo after the ‘break’…

Photo 0055

After Felix got back on the Thursday afternoon, he sent me this email from the blue iPod Touch he got for his birthday…

Hi dad,

I have just come back from Ecoventure and had a nice hot shower. I am just about to have sausages and baked beans. It was very fun. I got to be in a tent with John and Cieran at Wadi Adventure. I fell out of the boat twice and I almost drowned. At camp we did rock climbing, sand boarding, shelter making, archery and fire building.

We’re all very glad he didn’t drown!