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Falconry Festival in Al Ain

Al Ain hosted The Third International Festival Of Falconry in December 2011 – and we went along. Falconers came from all over the world. For some of them, this was the first time they had left their village or town. Amazing.


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Falconry-Festival-Al-Ain 2

This guy from Scotland gave a great talk about his falcons and sent them swooping off across the arena to collect meat…

Falconry-Festival-Al-Ain 4

IMG 2941

IMG 2905

At the end of the festival, all the guests paraded round the arena in their traditional costumes, with placards showing which country they came from…

IMG 2884

IMG 2883

IMG 2956

IMG 2962

IMG 2963

IMG 2969

Here’s me with a hooded falcon in the exhibition stand area…

IMG 3050

IMG 3054

IMG 3058

IMG 3068  Version 2

IMG 3070  Version 2