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Day 5 in Nepal: full-day trek in Pokhara

We met our Nepali guide, Prakash, at 8am at reception and drove for 30 minutes into the hills to the village of Dhampus to start our day-long trek. As we started our walk we saw these guys dismantling a corrugated roof…

IMG 6494

We passed lots of locals using the path to carry produce…

IMG 6507

IMG 6510

IMG 6511

IMG 6514

IMG 6515

IMG 6520

Felix wore Prakash’s watch for a while as it had an altimeter on it. We climbed to 2078 metres above sea level…

IMG 6524

At a tea house along the way…

IMG 6541

IMG 6542

…Prakash pointed out the marijuana growing, which the locals use themselves or sell to tourists…

IMG 6534

Our guide, Prakash, is on the left. (If you ever need a guide in Pokhara, contact Prakash Bastakoti at prakashsts at or phone +977 984 602 9594. He was fabulous, his English is superb, his knowledge of Nepal is second to none, and his prices are very reasonable.)…

IMG 6535

IMG 6538

IMG 6539

Buffalo meat strung up over a fire…

IMG 6540

Around 11am we reached another tea house where we stopped for drinks…

IMG 6566

IMG 6556

Up on the hill overlooking the tea house was a small hut where a Korean guy meditated all year. For 2 months a year he allowed visitors from Japan and Korea to fly in by helicopter to consult with him!…

IMG 6581

IMG 6600

IMG 6604

IMG 6607

We stopped for lunch at the Greenland Hotel and Restaurant…

IMG 6622

As we waited for the food to cook we watched a man and his wife working in the fields…

IMG 6629

IMG 6632

IMG 6634

The rooms looked cosy…

IMG 6635

IMG 6636

IMG 6637

Some people had cut up a buffalo and lay out the meat in the sun…

IMG 6639

IMG 6643

After climbing for a couple of hours, we then worked our way down the mountain via the steep steps…

IMG 6661

IMG 6651

IMG 6663

IMG 3465

IMG 3467

You can see Toby in orange in the centre of this photo, far below me as he raced ahead…

IMG 6664

We reach the bottom, where our minibus awaits…

IMG 6666

On the journey back to the hotel…

IMG 6672

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