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Christmas Day 2012

Here are a series of photos from Christmas Day 2012 at the villa in Al Ain.

Catherine made pork with apple for Christmas Dinner. Here’s what it looked like before it went in the oven…

IMG 9399

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Catherine and Felix wrote on the cake with icing sugar…

IMG 9398

Felix squeezed some of the icing sugar onto his face to give me an Italian look!…

IMG 9396

While dinner was cooking, he showed me how he was getting on in his practice with his new full-size guitar…

IMG 9403

IMG 9405  Version 2

Dinner is served…

IMG 9412

IMG 9414

Catherine and the boys bought me presents…

IMG 9417

The growing boys…

IMG 9424

IMG 9430

IMG 9432

IMG 9435

Toby’s hands have evolved to the size and shape of flippers!…

IMG 9441