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Toby’s graduation day speech

Toby delivered this speech in April 2017, filmed by Felix. Miss Cash is behind Toby…


Toby and Felix talk about Easter 2016

There are FOUR videos in this post.

Toby talks about his 9 days in the UK at Easter 2016…

Felix’s turn…

I asked the boys for lessons they have learned about life and people.

Toby shared this story about Henry Kissinger…

I’ll put Felix’s words into context… he picked up on the concept of ‘Today Me’ and ‘Tomorrow Me’ that I shared with him over the holiday: if he says he’ll relax now and promises to do his homework tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that when tomorrow comes he’ll be happy/willing to do his homework. We are sure that Tomorrow Me will do the work as we took time off today, but tomorrow we’re a new Today Me who wants to put the work off to another day. So when people promise that they’ll do something later, it doesn’t mean that they will!…


Felix speaks about Easter 2016 trip with photos

Felix here,

This is a video I created about my Easter Holiday in England.

Hope you enjoy it.


Toby speaks about Easter 2016 trip with photos

Toby here,

Embedded below is an 8-minute clip showing the highlights of mine and Felix’s 9 day trip to the UK at Easter 2016.


Toby and Felix feature in Oasis Living magazine

Here’s the cover of the February 2016 issue of Oasis Living, a free magazine published in Al Ain which is an essential monthly read for all ex-pats…

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 21.39.19

…and a story from this issue. You can see Toby on the far right, third from the end, behind a guy in a white shirt.

[Click to see more photos!]

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Catherine, Toby and Felix in Musandam

Catherine, Toby and Felix visited Musandam at the beginning of March 2016.

Toby borrowed a Go Pro camera from Nick who lives in the villa behind them. This comes with a waterproof case for filming underwater. Toby filmed the sunrise using the time-lapse facility on his iPhone.

When they got back to Al Ain he editing the more than an hour of footage down to less than 5 minutes and added some music. I think he did a terrific job!



Gifs of Toby and Felix

These images are called gifs. They are used a lot nowadays on the internet. I created several as an experiment using an app on the Mac called Gif Brewery 3. The boys look happy and full of energy. 🙂

Toby Oct 4 2015

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Toby’s 2-minute speech at the Model United Nations in Qatar in January 2016

Toby gave this 2-minute speech in front of 2,000 students on the opening day of the Model United Nations in Qatar. The beginning is very shaky, but the camera stabilises after 30 seconds.


Toby and Felix talk about Christmas 2015

Here’s Toby…

…and Felix…


Photos from Dec 22-24 2015

Felix and Grandma Paddy meet for the first time in 6 months…

Felix and Paddy 560

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